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Bullous Pemphigoid 180 and 230 Antibody, IgG

Order Name B Pemph Ab
Test Number: 5194672
Revision Date 05/31/2023
Test Name Methodology LOINC Code
Bullous Pemphigoid 180 and 230 Antibody, IgG
Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)  
Specimen Specimen Volume (min) Specimen Type Specimen Container Transport Environment
Preferred 2 mL (0.5 mL) Serum Clot Activator (SST or Red No-Gel) Room Temperature
Instructions Specimen Type: Gel-barrier tube or red-top tube
Specimen Storage: Room temperature
Specimen Collection: Serum should be separated from cells within two hours of venipuncture. Send serum in a plastic transport tube.
Special Instructions: Testing referred to Beutner Labs TC#504L
Specimen Stability: Ambient: 5 days, Refrigerated : 5 days, Frozen: 1 year
Expected TAT 7 days  
Clinical Use This tests for IgG antibodies to Bullous Pemphigoid Ag 1 and Bullous Pemphigoid Ag 2 
Performing Labcorp Test Code 831695 
CPT Code(s) 83516x2
Lab Section Reference Lab