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Treponema pallidum Ab by TP-PA

Order Name TPPA
Test Number: 5501065
Revision Date 02/28/2024
Test Name Methodology LOINC Code
Treponema pallidum Ab by TP-PA
Particle Agglutination 24312-1 
Specimen Specimen Volume (min) Specimen Type Specimen Container Transport Environment
Preferred 1 mL (0.5mL) Serum Clot Activator (SST or Red No-Gel) Room Temperature
Instructions Speicmen: 1mL (0.5mL) Serum from Gel-barrier Tube or Serum Transfer Tube
(NOTE: This volume does NOT allow for repeat testing)
Unacceptable Conditions: CSF or other body fluids. Gross hemolysis; lipemia or visible microbial contamination; heat inactivated samples; specimens other than serum;
Stability: After separation from cells: Ambient: 14 days; Refrigerated: 14 days; Frozen: 14 days (Freeze/thaw cycles Stable x3)
Expected TAT 3-5 Days  
Clinical Use As with all serological tests for syphilis, interpretation of results obtained with TPPA test must be used in conjunction with the patient's clinical symptoms, medical history and other clinical and/or laboratory findings. Treponemal antibodies typically remain detectable long term following infection and therefore should not be used to evaluate response to therapy. The syphilis TPPA may be reactive in <1% of normal or healthy persons; these biological false-positive results are often transient and their cause is unknown. Treponemal antibody tests may be reactive in persons exposed to yaws or pinta. Samples from patients with HIV, leprosy, toxoplasmosis, H. pylori, or drug addiction, may on occassion produce false-positive or inconclusive results. 
Performing Labcorp Test Code 082339 
Notes The TP-PA test is designed to be used as an aid in the confirmation of antibodies to the treponemal organisms that cause syphilis. Other diseases such as yaws or pinta give positive results.
CPT Code(s) 86780
Lab Section Reference Lab