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Bilirubin Direct

Order Name BILI DIR
Test Number: 2000800
Revision Date 07/20/2020
Test Name Methodology LOINC Code
Bilirubin Direct
Diazo 1968-7 
Specimen Specimen Volume (min) Specimen Type Specimen Container Transport Environment
Preferred 1 mL (0.5) Plasma Lithium Heparin PST (Light Green Top) Refrigerated
Alternate 1 1 mL (0.5) Serum Clot Activator SST Refrigerated
Instructions Protect From Light.
Exposure to direct sunlight can decrease bilirubin in samples up to 50% within one hour.
Light protected preferred; specimens not protected from light but refrigerated/frozen will be accepted.
Stability: Ambient=8 hours (if light protected); Refrigerated=3 days; Frozen=3 months
Testing Schedule Daily 
Expected TAT 1-2 days  
Clinical Use Useful in the determination of hepatic disorders and jaundice. Direct bilirubin is conjugated. 
CPT Code(s) 82248
Lab Section Chemistry