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Factor 5 (V) Leiden Mutation Analysis

Order Name FACT 5 LEI
Test Number 9107735
Revision Date 07/10/2017
Test Name Methodology LOINC Code
Factor 5 (V) Leiden Mutation Analysis
PCR and Invader Plus® detection  
Specimen Specimen Volume (min) Specimen Type Specimen Container Transport Environment
Preferred 5 mL (3) Whole Blood EDTA (Lavender Top) and Sodium Citrate 3.2% (Blue Top) Room Temperature
Instructions Collect Both EDTA and Sodium Citrate 3.2% blue top Specimens.
Room temperature or Refrigerated is acceptable. Stability: Room Temp 8 Days, Frozen EDTA is Not Acceptable.
Do Not Centrifuge EDTA Specimen. EDTA Specimen cannot be shared with other testing for risk of DNA contamination.

(Note: The Sodium Citrate 3.2% blue top is not mandatory specimen but is useful in possible additional testing in a coagulation workup. If the Sodium Citrate Whole blood is not going to be received in the lab within 4hrs of collection it is preferred to process it for frozen plasma by using double spin procedure to create a 1.5 ml frozen aliquot.)
Testing Schedule Dayshift- Tue, Fri 
Expected TAT 2-4 Days 
Clinical Use Factor V Mutation (Leiden) is a point mutation that causes resistance of factor V degradation by activated protein C. This mutation is associated with increased risk of venous thrombosis. 
CPT Code(s) 81241
Lab Section Molecular Diagnostic